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What is IGS

Integrated Genetic Solutions is a software company providing full business solutions for healthcare practitioners in the growing personalized medicine space.

Integrated Genetic Solutions (IGS) takes the guesswork out of the one-size-fits-all health management treatment options on the market today. We provide healthcare practitioners with a comprehensive, tailored solution to improve their patients body chemistry on an individualized basis.

Each patient's personalized solution starts with laboratory-certified DNA and blood testing. Once results are gathered, our algorithm reviews each patient's unique composition of hormones, pre-hormones, fat-soluble vitamins, water-soluble vitamins, minerals, and various genetic markers.  

Based on a number of characteristics that make each patient "unique", including combinations of gender, age, weight, phase of cycle (women), and potential genetic mutations; IGS provides healthcare practitioners with patient-specific dosing recommendations for each hormone, vitamin, and mineral level.

The goal of providing these patient-specific recommendations is to bring each component of a patient's body chemistry from "below average" or "average" to a specific target level. This "target" level, when achieved across a full spectrum of hormones, minerals, and vitamins, is designed to improve a patient's gene expression; in turn improving energy levels, cognitive function, weight loss, and an overall increase in quality of life over time.

Working with IGS, healthcare practitioners can now recommend a truly personalized package of bio-identical hormones, NSF GMP-Certified supplements, and nutraceuticals tailored for each unique patient. By design, each patient is periodically retested to measure blood level response and to adjust or fine tune their previous dosing recommendations.


Pharmacogenetic Report (pdf)